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What does modern patriotism look like?
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What Does Modern Patriotism Look Like?

For over two centuries, America has been the world's greatest experiment in freedom. Freedom to live where you want. How you want. Doing what
 you want. It led to a great society of prosperity and peace. A society willing and able to take care of all its members, regardless of age, race, or religion. A society preserving our world from tyranny and oppression.

But there are those who do not like one country prospering more than others. They have been trying, for decades, to subvert the course of American exceptionalism from within, using the failed ideas of communism, socialism, and totalitarianism.

When enemies of liberty think they have won, can one voice save freedom?

Modern patriots do not win elections when a few donors spend millions on issues of their choice. We win when millions of Americans come together to spread our message. Gathered together in large numbers, we are a force to be reckoned with.

For just $5 a month, we will revolutionize the country by:

  • Creating ads and social media campaigns to peel off liberal low information voters and get them voting as conservatives.

  • Gathering conservatives together to refine and provide a working definition of conservative culture and then enlarging the franchise.

  • Providing a home base for the conservative family to incubate strategies and tactics to defeat liberalism with an incremental approach. Our website will be the clearing house for this work.

We do this when you start a membership with us for $5 per month with a one year commitment.

We will never call you to solicit a contribution or bombard you with junk mail. If you see your money working to make a difference, sign on again for the next year.

Pooling our resources into One Voice Freedom, we unlock the power normally reserved to big-spending political machines. This is a chance to take back control as conservatives and ensure our constitutional freedoms. At only $5/month, how can we lose?

So, what does a modern patriot look like?


One Voice Freedom is OUR conservative grassroots organization, by conservatives, for conservatives. No big name politicians. Just real, down-to-earth conservatives. Membership costs less than a fast food value meal, so let's go!

Even the biggest things start small. Join like-minded conservatives in making a difference. United we don't just stand. United we conquer.


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